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Memory profiling in hooks

To start..

This tutorial involves hacking core. If you aren't comfortable with doing that, you're probably in the wrong place :).  I created a dropbucket.org drop called Memory profiling in hooks which has all the code details in case you want to dig in yourself.  You'll need to modify includes/module.inc and also have devel module enabled for this to work.

Autopost to Facebook

I ran into an issue with the Drupal for Facebook module, both for D6 and D7, where I wanted articles to auomatically be posted to Facebook when they are submitted.  There appeared to be no way to do this via the module and I had played around with Rules to see if that would work, but no luck.

A window into our Community


Something that inspired me recently to write about DUG, are the efforts of MediaCurrent. Media Current has recently been pushing forward a series of postings talking about how they are giving back and being a lot more open about use of time to give back (which is awesome). As a result, I wanted to describe the culture of Drupal @ PSU and how we're contributing back to Drupal and our members.

"Headless" Authoring UX sprint

Let’s face it, we have a problem. It doesn't matter how powerful what you build is if no one wants to use it. How can the modern CMS hope to compete with simple drag and drop, one-click authoring services that can produce the majority of websites people want to build? Do you really think the answer to this can still be found on Drupal’s edit form or with the panels ecosystem? Will open source CMSs fade from popularity because we continue to ask human beings to design content with a WYSIWYG? Well, we aren't waiting to find out...

ELMSLN Year end review

This is a review of everything that happened in ELMS Learning Network through 2014. In 2014, we picked up an additional member institution that has been using ELMSLN for online courses. Wisconsin Law School’s Center for Patient Partnerships has been avid supporters of ELMSLN even prior to adoption in the past year and are very happy with the flexibility and control that it gives them over learning environment development.

Drupal speed tuning: analyzing and further optimizing Pressflow

If you've read my past posts on here, you'll probably find a trend: I'm obsessed with performance tuning. Any time you can get more responsiveness without more hardware, I'm very, very happy. I've been running a modified drupal core for ELMSLN for some time now and decided instead of keeping these changes / tuning to myself, I'd try and document them / test them and see if any changes make sense for pressflow. In https://github.com/btopro/Presser-Flow-FORK you can see 3 folders: _PATCHES - all the patches (from drupal.org) utilized in the metrics _RECIPES - a drush recipe that auto optimizes to the level used in testing, there are also recipes for each of the sites in the test so you can see exactly what was used for testing. _METRICS - XLS file with detailed metrics of how testing was performed, where, and what combinations

ELMSLN performance tuning

Update 2: Apache tuning / Costs

There's another posting thats dedicated to the cost and scale metrics of ELMSLN vs D6 legacy systems we were using. This is an example performance pack of conf settings that should work to do sane tuning on ANY apache system let alone drupal.

Update 1:  CIS / MOOC stats

See bottom of article for an update from the original post after additional tuning!