Automating hook_update_N in install profiles!

I had a crazy idea the other day: I hate trying to figure out what the update hooks should be for the distributions that I manage.  So, instead of having to remember things or work hard, I'm trying to work smarter.  Profiler Builder is a module I made to help automate the installation profile / distribution production process.

ELMSLN presentation from Drupalcon Austin!

The ELMSLN Drupalcon Austin 2014 presentation is now online! We had a good crowd in attendance and were happy to talk to many individual educational institutions, vendors and impressed parties throughout all of Drupalcon. The talk is an hour long and is the most comprehensive discussion of philosophy of design ever done in one place about the network. It then flows from there into some ranting and finally into a current state of the network demonstration.

False-Positive "Authorization Needed" Bug

The following is posted on Yammer as well.

This summer, we ran into a problem that we had never experienced before in such large numbers. As of the time of this post, we've had at least 8 students out of 56 that have run into an issue where they attempt to go from their section in ANGEL to the Drupal course content, and they land on the "Authorization Needed" page.

Some of the details are:

HTML5 Audio recording with Drupal

This is still highly experimental but everyone I've shown has been really excited so I figured I'd do a quick video. Using a few modules and HTML5 in-browser audio recording you can click a button and save your voice to your drupal site as s file field. This can bring new life to commenting on private forum where that might be valuable or in our context, allowing instructors to give audio feedback to students about their work in ways text alone can't describe.

Understanding ELMSLN and taking a Vagrant spin

After many weeks of clean up, I've finally managed to produce generic installation scripts for ELMSLN that work with Vagrant (and any *nix server for that matter).  This drastically simplifies the process of getting ELMSLN up and running for testing.  ELMSLN is a networked Drupal application that relies on other systems in the network to fully appreciate what is going on.

In the playlist to follow, you will see:

Drupal developers will love Vagrantcloud! (I do)

This video walks through just one use-case for Vagrant and the Vagrantcloud platform, standardizing and improving development practices in the ELMS Learning Network platform.  I talk through a little bit of the vagrant packaging format, how to make a new .box and what vagrantcloud is.  All of these I think can be used to help allow for better, more diverse options in distributed development.

Creating accessible, responsive rubrics in Drupal

These two screencasts show the current state of the Rubric module for Drupal 7.  The first video shows how I'm working towards making Rubrics, traditionally complex, structured documents, accessible using form fields of different types.  It also shows a unique usage of the .element-invisible CSS class built into Drupal core so that language that would bloat interfaces can be hidden from sighted users but portray implied meaning for screen-readers.

DSLM for Multi-sites on steroids

This video showcases a Drush plugin called DSLM which stands for Drush Symbolic Link Manager.  It's an alternative to core multi-site which puts the developer first when managing lots of sites in the same area.  There are also a few patches I have in the queue that add additional functionality like sharing of large chunks of modules, themes, and libraries.