Bench marking non-blocking HTTPRL vs drupal_http_request

This video talks a little about what HTTPRL is and how you can implement it in your Drupal site.  If you are using Drupal 7.22 and above, you'll be able to implement it with a checkbox, though you'll see the most benefit at a code level if you dig into the API.  I did some A / B testing on a use-case I have in the CIS distribution.

Learning Tools Interoperability in Drupal! (and why you should care)

Learning tools interoperability is a big deal Drupal users and I'm hoping that this screen cast can start to illustrate why you should care.  If you are in the educational technology space (or even if you've just used technology in schools before), you are well aware of one fact: everyone hates them.

Powering education with RestWS and Views XML Backend modules

This post will probably make some Services module users mad.. but I REALLY like the simplicity and scope of a module called RestWS.  RestWS stands for Restful Web service and it definitely has overlap with the Services module use-case in the Drupal ecosystem.  There are two major differences I've noticed from Services though that made me jump ships:

Course Information System - First Look

This is a first look at a new project I'm working on called the Course Information System (CIS).  This system will seek to use Big Data in order to help us make better decisions going forward.  It also is the system that will serve as the foundation for our new Drupal 7 version of our future architecture (which will talk to current D6 setup as well).