Tinynav and Chamfer for flexible, colorizable mobile design

I recently made two major releases (for me at least) in the form of responsive design.  I'm not a graphic designer by any means but it's not hard to figure out just how awesome the Omega base-theme is.  Omega helps push a lot of the settings associated with responsive design into Drupal configuration pages and out of cumbersome CSS and media queries.

As part of Chamfer's development, Brad Fisher showed me a JavaScript library called Tinynav.js.  Tinynav provides the ability to present your menu navigation as a select field.  You can then use this with media queries to effectively change the navigation experience for users on mobile devices like tablets and phones where "clicking" menu items may be cumbersome or downright impossible for people with big fingers like me.

The first screen cast shows how you can implement tinynav.js with chamfer or use the module in conjunction with any theme (using Bartik as another example).

The second screen cast goes into greater detail of the functionality present in chamfer as far as Omega, tinynav, and color module are concerned.