Working with H5P

If you know anything about H5P, you know that it is THE BEST open source solution for interactive content and is even better than a lot of the paid solutions out there. If you are still in the dark about H5P, then please visit their site and enlighten yourself.

At the Dutton Institute, we have been experimenting with H5P for about 6 months. Over a year if you consider the time we’ve spent demoing what is available to instructors to add to their courses. A few issues with accessibility have held us back from going full steam ahead with H5P. With Penn State being fully committed to accessibility, this is a major hurdle for us. Fortunately, the H5P team and community are constantly updating H5P accessibility. If you are familiar with ELMS, you may also know about their unique solution.

Getting H5P setup and working properly on Drupal is not straight forward, so the Institute’s Misty Patcyk and Megan Kohler put together a guide to get you started:

Hopefully this guide will help you get your Drupal and H5P integrations up and running. We will periodically update the guide with new accessibility improvements as well as changes to the setup instructions if needed.