Switching from one install profile to another

I recently had to switch profiles for this website. In the process of doing that, I immediately afterwards said “wow, I feel like other people have had this issue”. Sure enough they have… on this blog early last year by our own @aitala in the post How to Remove Drupal Install Profile.

So, when I then went to convert my own blog to use the publicize distribution I said “NOT AGAIN!”, and read his post. At the bottom, he pointed to a project called Profile Switcher and then this issue to add drush integration peaked my interest. Because I’m really cool, I decided this is how I’d spend my Friday night downtime… patching a project I have had no need for outside of 5 minutes prior to starting to work on it :).

Below is a video showing how you can use the patch to run a the profile switch drush command as well as (of course) a drush recipe that automates everything you should do during the migration process that can be done via drush.