A Significant Event

Yesterday something significant occurred, http://brandywine.psu.edu launched on the new Polaris 2 Drupal platform. And soon the Abington Campus web site will move to the same platform. And perhaps many more.

Ten years ago this would not have been possible. Not because of the technology but because of the landscape and attitude here at Penn State. Words like 'portal' and 'content management system' were perceived as negatives, as things to avoid, as poorly implemented technologies.

That has changed.

One could argue that moving the Penn State home page and new site to Drupal was the significant event, but I was not convinced. That change could have been an anomaly, a lack of other, better options, or just pure luck. Not that a number of people in the Penn State Drupal community did not spend a great deal of time and effort into presenting Drupal as a viable option, but that once that argument was presented and accepted, the process to actually create the site was... let's say byzantine. So in my mind moving www.psu.edu to Drupal, while radical and important, did not 'count'.

So yesterday's launch of the Brandywine web site confirms not only the success of Drupal at Penn State, but also a change in mindset and attitudes at a much higher and broader level at the University.  Additional possibilities for the use of the Polaris 2 platform may be in the works, hopefully we will learn more about those soon.

Perhaps there will also be a Polaris 3....