Pulling Git repo content into Drupal

The ELMS Learning Network team is seeking to not only transform education, but also the concept of content and how you can interact with a CMS. By taking our network based approach to educational delivery to Drupal, and viewing Drupal as more of an engine connecting people rather then a product out of the box, we can craft innovative solutions (like this one).

We’ve created the ability for Drupal to take a git repo, ingest it, look for Read The Docs style outline structures, and import all the content. It does this by a new module called Git Book that implemented the Git.php Library.

In this video, I show how we’re able to ingest the Drush Ops docs. It also offers a sneak peak at the interface work we’re undertaking to unify our multi-distro approach to tackling big systems.

This isn’t just about pulling in content, it’s about user empowerment. Faculty that understand the power of markdown and version control will be able to craft their courses in whatever location they want to (like ELMSLN faculty @_mike_collins) and then share it over to ELMSLN for use in courses. This will encourage remixing and open up the possibility for PRs against content.

In the future, we’ll be making a fork of the ReadTheDocs spec that (should) be compatible with it so that we can have simple git based files that drive the setup of complex course networks, automatically creating drupal sites, networking them, producing content outlines, assignments, discussion topics, media, etc.