New "Nittany" Drupal Distribution for Penn State

Now available on is a new distribution named “Nittany”.  Essentially this distribution was created to serve two main purposes:

  1. For Penn State Drupal Camp 2012, presenters will be building on the Nittany distribution during the Site Builder day sessions to demonstrate various common site building tasks.  
  2. To be a development area where members of the PSU Drupal community can contribute to a distribution encompassing many of the more commonly used modules here at Penn State.  More information about the motivation behind this initiative can be found on the Nittany project page on

For the uninitiated to Drupal distributions, essentially a distribution is composed of Drupal core, and a number of community contributed modules - also often along with configuration and other features to help build a particular type of site. 

At this time Nittany is not a full featured distribution in this sense, but rather a collection of modules designed to ease the introduction of Drupal to new developers - a starting point somewhere between raw Drupal core, and a full-featured ready-to-go “site in a box”. 

If you wish to install Nittany (for Drupal Camp Site Builder day - or otherwise), you’ll need a webserver, or your local machine running Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Ready made solutions for this exist such as: