The low-down on DrupalcampPA July 30/31 in Pittsburgh!

DrupalcampPA is July 30 and 31st in Pittsburgh PA and Yinz-all should come! We just announced our full schedule with keynotes, giveaways, and more. Some quick highlights of why you should come! Submissions this year tried to take the stance of “getting off the island” by having more and more presentations about topics that plug into or are affiliated with Drupal without just being about Drupal. As a result we’ve got talks ranging from local environment building, Islandora (Drupal based library system), Drupal as an iPhone app backend, Angular / CDN leveraging, to Unit testing, FAITH automated testing, team building, event organizing, CKEditor plugin development, building VR interfaces and voice / keyboard driven interfaces.

Day 2 also has a lot of open time dedicated to Sprints, Help Swaps, BoFs, with a workshop for those needing more hands on / “These are the building blocks of site building” style sessions. Some schedule highlights


  • Mathew Radcliff (and anyone else that wants to) will be organizing Drupal 8 / contrib sprints.
  • The ELMS: Learning Network core team will be holding a global sprint all day Sunday, running late into the night and Monday with people remoting into slack, github and channels from State College, California, Canada, and the UK.

Raffle prizes

This year we’re expanding our “door prize” raffle to include some sweet tech. We’ll be raffling off a Raspberry Pi starter kit, Asus Google Chromebit, hockey jersey, and hoodies!


  • Megan Sanicki the Executive Director of the Drupal Association is Skyping in to kick off the event!
  • Scott Reeves Drupal 8 theme core contributor will be keynoting day 1 to talk about the journey from outside the community to doing core contributions!
  • Bryan Ollendyke (me) will be moderating another fun open panel discussion with voices of the community called 2020, The Panel:
    • Kirsten Burgard - Drupal Govcon organizer; Super voter never missed an election.
    • Katrina Wehr - Instructional Designer @ Penn State University. Former teacher, current #edtech smart design & pedagogy first enthusiast.
    • John P. Weiksnar - Drupal(tm) futurist * Active member of WNYDUG, Drupal Association, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(r)
    • Fatima Sarah Khalid - I bring my own sunshine #CivicHacker & budding #Drupalista | coding for the people @TheCityofBoston | Fmr @MicrosoftNY @NYUengr

Other stuff to do in Pittsburgh

We’ll have activities planned for Saturday night but beyond just DCPA Pittsburgh is a really nice city to visit. We’ve got a great zoo, inclines with great views of the city, boat tours, stadiums, shopping, great places to eat (especially in the Strip District) and lots and lots of Colleges & Universities in the area with lots of parks and places to walk not far from downtown (or downtown at Point State Park among others). If your looking to spend extra time there or need recommendations on where to go (like my favorite coffee / co-working house north of the city) just ask!

We look forward to seeing everyone in three short weeks for a great day of community, code and learning!