Install ELMSLN on Digital Ocean in one line

This screencast shows how you can use a cloud provider like Digital Ocean to install a working copy of ELMSLN by copying and pasting the following line into the terminal:

yes | yum -y install git && git clone /var/www/elmsln && bash /var/www/elmsln/scripts/install/handsfree/centos/ elmsln ln http yes

Obviously, this is for development purposes only at this time, but I hope it shows you a glimpse of the level of automation we are getting to and where you could easily take this in the future. We already have a Jenkins instance on campus that can perform these same operations against any new server after doing some manual (ew) SSH hand shakes and user account creation.

I pause in the video to let the installer run through but still, that's all it takes to get it up and going; copy and paste into a new CentOS 6.5 box and hanging out for a few minutes. While you wait you can modify your local /etc/hosts file to point to the address (which the command will print what to copy and paste where at the end).

This will eventually replace the current Vagrant install routine so that we're using the same exact one in what we recommend for blank servers, for travis builds, for vagrant and beyond. If you need more help with setting up ssh keys and using the digital ocean interface, some tutorials are linked to below.

Note: This is not an endorsement of Digital Ocean and they are simply included in this article because I've been messing around with their service for testing purposes.