#ELMSLN is #git 'in fun with Git Book

It’s been a few months since I first mentioned the Git Book module here on DPE. I haven’t done much with it since but was able to scrape together a rather epic sprint today. Coupled with improvements to ELMSLN in general, this thing is getting close to a pretty killer workflow for book creation. The scenario we’re striving for:

  • Read in a git repo (or create a new one) to provide a git repository per book in Drupal
  • Read in any structured markdown repository (starting with support for Read the Docs)
  • Allow people to work either in a CMS or on github and successfully push “code” changes back and forth
  • Allow for working remote (github) and syncing local (CMS) to further democratize publishing
  • Git Book is the first area; we’ll be making an Open Curriculum YAML / markdown based spec that ELMSLN will be able to read and automatically setup… everything

As you’ll see in the video (using Drush docs as an example) this now plays nice with Outline Designer and the rest of Drupal. It now also has packaged support for EpicEditor; a sweet and simple markdown editor that WYSIWYG API has built in support for (though we patch it for settings reflected in the screencast).