ELMSLN - Coming to a camp near you

I was made aware that it’s been close to a year since I actually did a demo of the reason that I contribute so many modules to drupal. org. For those that don’t know, the reason I exist is a project called ELMS Learning Network. It is a Drupal 7 based deployment methodology that takes the many parts of an LMS and fragments them across a series of drupal distributions.

We then take those distributions and using RestWS, single-sign-on, and a common module and design meta-distro, stitch the experience together. The goal is to create more engaging, customized learning ecosystems by envisioning each educational experience as a snow-flake. The project’s iconography of a snow-flake comes both from the networked nature of the different distributions that make up the system as well as that mindset that we need to treat courses as individual art forms that can be beautiful in their own unique way.

Anyway, below is a video showing everything about the project in its current state. If you have any questions about what modules make it up, they can all be found in the links below along wth the repo.

Up coming camp presentations about ELMSLN: