Drupal + xAPI + H5P to track user feedback

I got a question in from twitter asking if we had a video showing what we were doing with Drupal, xAPI and H5P. I said sure! And I hurried off across youtube and my many blogs to find it. Just… gotta… find… that… post.. I mean, I know I did it I HAVE TO HAVE DONE IT ITS SO DAMN COOL.

An hour later. I have realized that I have never done a video about this. #facepalm

So, here’s this post then which shows and talks through the following:

  • What is an LRS - Learning Record Store (We use Learning Locker)
  • What is H5P - An HTML5 interactive widget creator that plugs into Drupal easily
  • What is xAPI - An experience API statement that tracks the action taken by a user

How is ELMS:LN using this? We’ve got native xAPI support thanks to H5P and the Tincan/xAPI drupal modules. These allow you to start doing tracking within Drupal sites, effectively helping turn any Drupal site into a mini-LMS. This doesn’t mean it does everything for you. But considering the Quiz module has native support for xAPI statement emitting and there are open source LRS like Learning Locker built in PHP and on a well documented communications specification; the reality of every system being an LMS is not that far off.

Obviously I’d ask you to explore this through ELMS:LN but we’re a drop in the infinite Drupal ocean, so let’s all learn and collect statements together shall we? :)

Check out the links and video below of it all in action!