The Care and Feeding of Your Website

A question on the PSU DUG Slack channel got me thinking. How is it that websites are still being constructed at Penn State without any thought being put in as to how its is going to be maintained? Or by whom?  

To be clear, I am not talking about content creation or maintenance, but maintaining the code/server/DB/etc. that supports or runs the site? Or to develop new features and functionality, going beyond just updating code or applying security patches. Of course, this is not restricted to Drupal development - there are many other examples.

As web developers, I pretty sure we all understand the importance of this, but how has this not 'trickled up'? (To coin an awful phrase.)

So what can we do to truly address this problem? What has worked before? What strategies have you enacted? Are there channels of communication we have not tried? Have we missed something?

Perhaps I am incorrect in my observations...

Please add any comments that you might have...