#a11Y Accessibility toolkit module

Accessibility is a big deal! Good, now that that’s in the teaser for this let’s dig in.

ACCESSIBILITY IS A BIG DEAL - But not everyone knows how to help or what to do

The biggest problem is awareness raising about accessibility issues for users of your site and how they NEED the site structured (and what to do to meet them there). As a result, the a11y project exists to help raise awareness as well as provide techniques and checklists for those building things for the web.

This is where the Accessibility Toolkit (a11y) hopes to help by providing some additional tools to Drupal for improving accessibility of your websites. The a11y module currently provides a block which allows users to:

  • Change your site’s fonts to all by optimized for those with dyslexia
  • Change the contrast of your site
  • Change the size of your site’s interface
  • Invert the colors / use a darker interface with black on white text and yellow links

The goal of the module is to provide tools that can be applied to any drupal site to improve options for your users that go beyond aria landmarks and correctly ordered headings. A11y is about far more then “just” blind users; it’s about improving access for all.

This video shows what the module provides in the context of ELMSLN. Backend support so that there isn’t a FOUC is planned but not yet implemented.